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The Beach

The sand covers my feet,
The tide splashes and pulls,
I lay my towel to my seat,
And sit and watch the sea gulls,
All the sand is washed away,
As I slowly dip in the sea,
I watch over the bay,
My foot is tickled, what could it be?
A fish or a shark?
Seaweed or the sand?
No, but I see it’s colour is dark,
As I walk back onto land,
I see it glimmers in the sunlight,
And it buried beneath,
Grasping the sand tight,
It is shaped like a wreath.
I lift it slowly as I can,
And sat on my beach chair,
I place it on my skin dark with a tan,
But my hand is still fair,
It is smooth from the erosion,
And blinded me a the sun shone,
Suddenly it dropped like an explosion,
And it was gone…

All about a lovely experience in Cyprus.

My Daddy

You’re the best person I know,
Your heart is filled with love,
I love you

Your great at everything,
And everyone should know how amazing you are,
I love you

You’ll do anything for me,
And that’s how I know you love me,
And I just wanted you to know how much I love you!

Oh, Sunny day!

Finally! The sun is shining!
Breaking through the cloud,
Giving the floor a gold lining,
And birds the only sound.

Standing in the sun,
Taking in the Vitamin D,
Everyone’s having fun,
It’s as hot as could be!

On the horizon the sun goes down,
It’s too bad the day had to end,
And the warm darkness covers the town,
And leaves the night to defend.

❤️ My Valentine ❤️

Valentines is a day of love,
And each and everyone of us has another half,
And your love, is a friend and makes you laugh.

When people have a Valentine,
They are either married or couple,
And every year they make this day wonderful.

Today my valentine was my family,
Because they make me laugh and love me,
And today with them, is where I want to be.

I stood in the rain with my umbrella up,
It was pouring it down,
Enough to fill a cup,
And it was spreading all over town,

The bus! The bus!
Its finally here,
Whats all the fuss?
Nothing was there. Oh dear.

Even longer I stood again,
As the rain flooded the floor,
My umbrella was like a den,
I checked for the bus just to be sure.

Finally the bus came,
This time they were right,
The inside looked the same,
And eventually I sat tight.

My light

Oh no my light is broken!
It’s broken! It’s broken!
My light is broken!

I’ll go to the store and buy a new one,
That’s it! That’s it!
I’ll buy a new one!

Oh dear they don’t take credit card!
No card! No card!
No credit card!

I shall take money out!
Thats it! Thats it!
I’ll take the cash out!

No no no its not able to work!
It’s broken! It’s broken!
The ATM won’t work!

I shall tell the manager!
That’s it! That’s it!
I will tell the manager!

The lights went out in the bank!
No light! No light!
No light in the bank,

I shall get my light from my house!
Thats it! Thats it!
I shall get my light!

Oh no my light is broken!
It’s broken! It’s broken!
My light is broken!

Inspired by Sesame Street

‘There’s a hole in my bucket’




The hot beams shine down,

No need for electric lights,

Just the hot sun to lye.



The rain is water,

Falling from the magical sky,

But I hate the rain.



Trees make pretty buds,

Blooming and falling down,

Prepping for summer.


Water falling down,

Leaving marks all down your face,

Making you feel sad.

The best of the backwards


What do you think of my new hair do?

And my dog that goes moo?

I bought this top from a place called moon,

Or was it from Monsoon?

Everything I do is right,

But nothing


sdrawkcab eht fo tseb ehT

?od riah wen ym fo kniht uoy od thaw

?oom seog taht god ym dnA

,Noom dellac ecalp a morf pot siht thguob I

?noosnoM morf ti saw rO

,Thgir si od I gnihtyrevE

!thgit si raew I gnihton tuB


There once was a man named Tom,

One day he planted a bomb,

He gave it a shower,

And out came out a flower,

And he didn’t know where it was from.

Please see attachment below…

I saw a sign